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Preparing for the Worst: School Shootings

Did you know that over the past 10 years, America has witnessed 180 school shootings? To make matters worse, this number is increasing year by year. I never thought I would say this, but we can no longer assume our children will be safe at school.

Too often when the subject of school shootings comes up, the discussion immediately breaks down into a political shouting match over gun control, and the present danger our kids face every day once again gets eclipsed.

Whatever your opinion on the gun debate, the fact remains that we need to take immediate action to increase school safety for our vulnerable youth.

One solution that avoids the weeds of the complex gun debate is bulletproof backpacks.

At Stay Alive Body Armor, we carry modern, stylish backpacks that conceal NIJ IIIA bulletproof armor.  

Not only will your child have rear protection if they are running from an active shooter, they will also be able to hold the backpack as a shield while crouching under a desk or in a corner. One of these backpacks may be the difference between whether your child comes home from school or not.

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